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Assisted Reality for Connected Workers

Assisted Reality for Connected Workers

Assisted Reality (aR) is a growing trend which provides industrial and remote workers with the information and support they need, hands-free. Westbase XR and our range of solutions provide our partners with access to digital transformation projects which meaningfully impact their customers' ways of working.


Westbase.io aR solutions support these connected worker use cases…

Digital Workflow

Digital workflow provides visual instructions, checklists, data entry, and documentation of required process steps, hands-free. Improving productivity and reducing operational errors, industrial and remote workers can quickly move through processes on their Assisted Reality wearable - capturing evidence as needed.

Remote Expert

Remote expert allows workers to get assistance from experienced or specialist technicians, providing an enhanced two-way video call experience where the expert can remotely see and hear from the worker’s point of view and provide the guidance needed to complete the task. In addition to increasing and speeding up first time fix rates, businesses can also reduce travel costs.

Industrial IoT Visualisation

IIoT visualisation provides workers with the real-time data they need when operating, inspecting, or maintaining equipment. Delivering actionable information from the machines being serviced, in situ, smarter decisions can be made on-site to enable predictive maintenance.

Document Navigation

Viewing documents on an Assisted Reality wearable enables workers to view technical manuals and any other documents without needing to hold them. By being eyes forward and hands-free, workers improve productivity and safety.

“Remarkably, we increased first-time fix rates and improved the speed of getting to first-time resolution, all while significantly reducing travel expenses. We saved time, money, and the frustration of traveling thousands of miles. We’ve also discovered the potential of offering our customers a better real-time support or to have them remotely view our plant processes. That customer-facing service could become a real competitive advantage.” 

Klemens Fliri, IT-Systems Engineer Global UC & Leader IT-Apprenticeship at Hirschmann Automotive.