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4G/5G Security Solutions

4G/5G Security Solutions

Our 4G/5G security networking solutions have connected many security applications from RFID, Asset Tracking, In-Vehicle Security and Remote System Management. Proven in the toughest environments and the most remote locations, our enterprise-grade solutions scale easily, allowing the flexibility required to connect security applications any time, any location.


Westbase Networks 4G/5G for security solutions support these use cases...

Kiosks, ATMs and Vending Machines

To enable secure transaction processing, plus reliable remote monitoring and management of these assets – allowing your central IT teams to ensure services are kept online and up-to-date. In addition, content for digital signage functionality within these can be remotely updated.

CCTV Monitoring

CCTV has always been a staple for improving site and building security, and its use has become more prominent. As enterprises expand their locations to new and sometimes remote places however, where fixed line is not readily available, a more flexible connectivity solution is required. Cellular can connect CCTV equipment in virtually any location and with 4G/5G speeds and network performance, can be used to remotely retrieve high-quality footage quickly. A 4G/5G networking solution is also perfect for temporary CCTV deployments, such as construction sites or outdoor events.

RFID and Asset Tracking

RFID technologies are typically managed by a third party however, meaning they often cannot be connected over a location’s primary network for security reasons. Even in enterprise situations where the systems are managed in-house, RFID could potentially affect network performance by taking up bandwidth, so it’s still not ideal to connect it using existing infrastructure. By using a mobile networking solution, an “air-gapped network” can be created. Run in parallel to the primary network, it keeps it secure and dedicated for critical applications, while still connecting the RFID system.

In-Vehicle Security

Security systems are no longer just fixed applications, and in-vehicle security is highly important to an organisation’s strategy to protect its employees and assets. Constantly on the move, mobile security equipment needs a completely flexible connectivity solution to enable remote monitoring and management.

Using a 4G/5G networking solution, organisations can electively retrieve footage in critical situations where footage needs to be accessed quickly or the vehicle is prevented from returning to depot. For example, in theft instances remotely retrieved footage can be used to provide incident details to emergency services, assisting them in the recovery of assets or the vehicle.

Remote System Management

As typically highly distributed estates, most security systems rely on remote management and monitoring. This means connectivity is essential to successful deployments. A 4G/5G networking solution provides a flexible, reliable connectivity solution perfect for enabling this.