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4G/5G for Construction

Day one connectivity for site and customer services.

4G/5G for Construction

Getting connected from day one of a new construction project is critical. Our 4G/5G for construction solutions provide instant, reliable and secure connectivity. Westbase Networks has helped 100s of construction sites already, connecting all of their applications, at full speed, right from the start.

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Customer success

We’ve worked with many customers to deliver 4G/5G for construction solutions. Check out how we did it and what they achieved by reading some of our case studies:

Building Connections with UK Connect

Read our UK Connect partner case study to see how they are using cellular connectivity for construction, to get customer sites online from day one.


Our 4G/5G for construction solutions support these use cases...

Construction Cabins

Day one connectivity that securely and reliably connects employees to central systems so that they can access everything they need. From basic business processes like email, to the latest CAD drawings and building information. Once the fixed line has been installed, the 4G/5G solution converts to failover or can be redeployed to another site.

Marketing Suites and Services

Connect everything from employee and guest WiFi, to virtual and augmented reality, so you can be up and running as early as needed. Westbase Networks’ 4G/5G for construction solutions offer advanced routing capabilities ideal for handling multiple corporate and customer-facing requirements.

IoT Applications

Such as CCTV and digital signage, also require connectivity on construction sites and a 4G/5G solution can be ideal as it can connect them wherever they need to be. You can either use the same solution as for your cabins, or utilise multiple solutions so that the applications can be connected independently, depending on your requirements and situation.

New Residents

Who move into their homes, offices or other buildings before fixed line installation has been completed still rely on (and expect) connectivity. Using a 4G/5G for construction solution can dramatically improve customer service for new residents, by providing them with connectivity from their move-in day.


Who deploy crews to on-site locations where Internet access isn’t available can also benefit from 4G/5G solutions. Able to go anywhere, anytime, our solutions can keep remote teams connected so they can still access central systems and so on.

“The Office in a Box offers construction sites exactly what they need – connectivity from day one. Providing a cellular connection as a substitute solved the problem of fixed line installation wait times. Westbase.io has been and is the perfect partner for UK Connect. As well as the initial technical sales consultancy, they have also provided us with whatever help we have needed since to make the product a success.” 

– PJ Farr, Managing Director at UK Connect.